My mom – impressed that I “know everything cool” and convinced that it’s because I have a secret manual to everything interesting on the internet – has been asking me to give her a list of “all the cool websites” for years.

Despite my explanations that I have no such list, that there is no such list, that this is not how the internet works (anymore), and that I simply click around the web fueled by boredom and curiosity, often catalyzed or directed by something I see on Facebook, she hasn’t stopped asking.

So I’ve decided that instead of sighing and suffering in “Mom computer therapy” frustration, I’d give her what she’s asked for – sort of.

It’s not a list of cool websites, because, again, I have no such list. But it is a record of the kinds of things I come across, and, when relevant, how I found them. They might be funny, inspiring, thought-provoking, useful, personal, political, or just plain weird. Often they’re things that make me cry.

I don’t expect anyone but my mom to be interested in this, or care. And I’m not curating much at all. Thinking that much about it would simply be too much work. So I’m just throwing shit up here when I come across it.

The theme is literally: “Hey, Mom! Here’s what I did on the internet today!”

May she find herself diving down as many Wikipedia research rabbit holes as I do – and maybe understand a little better why I can’t answer the phone when there’s always one more Lip Sync battle to stream on YouTube.