Skinny shaming is not reverse discrimination

A fantastic article in Everyday Feminism about intersectionality – and, in fact, the first thing I’ve read that’s really helped me understand intersectionality in a real way.


2 thoughts on “Skinny shaming is not reverse discrimination

  1. Although I do agree to a point there are a few things I disagree about the article. Society does put skinny people above not skinny people and I agree that skinny people do fare a little better within society. But being told to “eat a sandwich” or “do you ever eat?” does a number on someone’s self esteem in middle school. It took me years to get past it and become ok with my body type. I’ve always been petite and short. I was told by peers that I should eat a sandwich or if I politely say no thank you to food because either it’s not vegan or I’m not hungry the comments from people who shouldn’t be commenting on someone’s weight comes. I hate eating out with people and then not finishing all of my food because I know someone will mention my weight even if they think it’s jokingly. I think that no one should say something negative about someone’s weight no matter what it is. Especially since people may have medical conditions, like I do, that prevents them from gaining or losing weight. People also shouldn’t assume someone’s health based on that person’s weight.


    1. I am so sorry you had to go through that. I totally agree that body-shaming, of any kind of body, is unacceptable and destructive. And I think the author of the article would agree. In fact, her point is not that skinny-shaming is OK, but that it’s not the same as fat-shaming, because skinny-shaming is only one kind of oppression (sexism), while fat-shaming is two kinds of oppression (sexism and fat-phobia). They both totally suck, and I don’t think the article is arguing that one is worse than the other. It’s more of an education about intersectional oppression (such as sexism + racism or racism + able-ism).


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