What I did with my (three-year) San Francisco vacation (other than spend all my money on parking tickets)

Thanks to the efforts of Marke Bieschke, Tim Redmond, and the others dedicated to keeping independent journalism alive via 48hills.org in the aftermath of the San Francisco Bay Guardian‘s demise, all the writing I did during my three years with that fantastic paper are now back online. (When the paper folded, so, too, did the online archives.)

Check out my articles, blog posts, special features, and the many events listings I compiled here. They’re still working out the kinks, so please forgive any weird formatting or missing paragraphs.

A couple fun selections:

  • John Barleycorn – A couple of my favorite stories from that time, partly because it was one of the few news stories I did as Culture Editor, partly because it involved all sorts of investigative journalism techniques I wouldn’t have even known about if it weren’t for tons of help from my friend and colleague, G.W. Schulz, and partly because it felt like my writing might actually make a difference (it didn’t, really). Note: There’s also an article here from a special issue round-up, in which I mention the Barleycorn (which is how I found out about the need for the news articles in the first place).
  • Rebar – Posts and articles, including a big cover feature I co-wrote with my friend, colleague, sometimes mentor, sometimes co-conspirator, and the person who got me the job, Steven T. Jones, about the groundbreaking work of Rebar, a design firm/arts collective founded by my dear friend from college, Blaine Merker.
  • An essay about why I like Christmas (and a list of events that happened a zillion years ago)
  • How I felt about Cake and the Harmony Festival
  • My big cover story on Kink.com’s takeover of the Armory

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